• Atlas Award 2021-2022 nominations are now open!

    After a two year hiatus, the Atlas Awards have returned, and nominations are now open!

    View all the eligible maps here.

    As we have a new group of us running the awards this year, we will just keep things simple and run the same categories as were run two years ago. There is one notable change to the awards this year though, as there were no awards last year the awards will cover the last 2 years of maps posted to the finished maps thread (any maps submitted in the 2021 or 2022 calender years). Maps that have been posted since January 1st 2023 are not eligible as these will be covered under the awards next year. Categories are as follows:

    Best Large area map (Space, World, Continental, Regional)
    This will be a heavily overloaded category, so we're asking you to nominate TWO maps, and there will be TWO winners. In other words, the first and second-placed maps will BOTH get an award (if there's a tie at the top, only the tied first-placed maps will win).

    Best Local area (City, Town, Village)

    Best Small area (Building, structure, space ship, dungeon)

    Best Black & White Map
    Maps in this category can be hand-drawn or digital, but they should be almost entirely black & white, or monochrome.

    Your favourite map from last two years

    We want to see the maps that you simply loved most from last year. For example, you might feel 'Map A' is technically superior to 'Map B', but 'Map B' ticks all the boxes for you and you can't stop looking at it. That's what we want to see in this category, and any style is acceptable.

    Let's get nominating!

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