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  1. Thanks for checking out my map and leaving a nice comment.
  2. It was a great map, are you still working on it? If so, I'd give the grass and roads some definition. I think it would fill out the space that feels a bit empty (because of the contrast with strong shadows some of those parts feel blurry, especially on the left and bottom) or add shrubs/shorter trees to the mix.
  3. Thanks a bunch for the rep and the comments throughout. It helps brainstorming on maps. And well, like I said, I do wonder what I could have improved still on this map. Maybe a different time of day?
    Anyway, tx!
  4. I guess we'll find out when the new challenge comes out, I'm sure whatever it is, you'll manage to make it strange and unique, as usual.
  5. Aww, thank you. I appreciate it.
    Now comes the part where I wonder what kind of strange new map I want to do. Any ideas? Hehe
  6. I wanted to comment on your Lite Challenge map, but the voting had already started. It's a lovely artful piece! The rocks and grass were so well done! I wish you added some labels, it might have solidified the map. But still, great piece!
  7. Congratulations on the silver compass! Your map was great, I especially liked how the campsite tents turned out, the shading's great.
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