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  1. Hi John! Thanks!

    I think of all my Guild friends quite often, but don't get much time to visit these days. Once I come here I spend hours I haven't got to spend just looking at all the pretty maps.
  2. Hi Mouse. I thought of you the other day, so I'm glad to see you are still kicking around.
  3. Thanks for the rep and comment, John - on my Mouse's thread, oh, absolutely ages ago!
  4. My pleasure Sue
    Very much deserved.
  5. Thank you very much for the rep, John!
  6. My pleasure Sue
  7. Thank you very much for the rep on the Corvallen map, John!
  8. Hehe, thank you Sue [again and again ]
  9. Happy Birthday John! (again)
  10. What a lovely thing to say!

    Thank you so much for that, John - it means a lot to hear it from someone who's work I admire so very much

    EDIT: Thanks for the rep as well! Too stunned to remember my manners! LOL
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