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  1. We will see. I have an unpleasant thing I need to do very soon, and then I may be around more.
  2. Thanks for the rep, O. ! It's good to see you around
  3. Hehe, I would return the thanks, for round-about getting me into the challenge and getting started on that piece.
  4. Is there any need to thank you for your vote ? It's always such a joy
  5. My pleasure, Beee
  6. My official thanks for your vote and kind words on the scrolly Guild map, J. !
  7. A little late, but all my thanks for the rep on my Ultima map ! Hope you're well, J.
  8. hehehe, like we're playing tennis
  9. 'will send it back to you again as soon as I can
  10. I hope your new year has already begun to shine.
    Mine has started well. I'm already deep into a number of things.
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