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  1. Indeed I do John, and you have met those challenges head on. Very inspiring piece.
  2. Thanks Tad.
    I know you appreciate the top down realism, and the challenges it poses.
  3. I appreciate the rep comment J.!
  4. Happy Birthday John!
  5. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes J! It's been a great day so far and look forward to spending the evening with my family. Cheers.
  6. Said it over on DA, but why not here as well Happy birthday
    Hope today is awesome and a day to remember. Cheers Tad
  7. Thanks for the rep and comment on Robbie's map
  8. Thanks for the feedback and rep J!
  9. Thanks. I had seen something you'd written a while back where you were describing the process.
    Any info will be much appreciated.
  10. Well thank you for the support
    Please feel free to ask any questions you have, I'd be happy to help where possible.
    Also, I have a few links that may be helpful to you so I'll send them your way in a PM.

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