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How does Reputation Work?

Reputation is a way of praising someone for contributing to a community atmosphere and posting worthwhile posts and content.

Underneath any members post is a little icon that looks like a star. By clicking that you can give a user reputation points for that particular post. But there's some rules. You can't just go blindly handing out reputation unless you really think they deserve it. The term for giving reputation is called "repping" or "giving rep". Try it, I'm sure someones made a good post today and deserves credit !

This website has customized settings for reputation power, here's the basics.

Users register and get 10 pts of rep.
For every 100 days you have been a member you get +1
For every 100 posts you get +1
You get bonus power for how much rep score you have but its logarithmic so the increase in amount falls off as you get more.
Rep giving power is maxed out at +100 for everybody.
You can give out rep hits up to 10 times per day.
You cant rep the same person again until you have given it to 10 others.

Just above your avatar image there are green pips. You get one per 1000 rep score up to 10,000 then you get another every 4000.
There are about 20 pips before it maxes out and each one has a humourous title you can see if you hover your mouse cursor over it.

Reputation can give you some idea of how active or worthy a members posts have been. But the guild also runs monthly competitions which are voted on with awards shown below a user. So for mapping ability alone, the awards are the best indicator.

How does the Awards System work?

The Cartographers' Guild features a modification that allows us to grant visible awards to people for accomplishing specific milestones on the site.

These awards are visible as part of every post the recipient makes, and are also visible on the recipients profile page.

There's a link in the Miscellaneous drop down on the main menu that shows a list of all currently available awards, and who has received them.

The guild runs two monthly mapping challenges - the lite and the full challenge. Maps are voted on by members at the end of the month and the winners always receive an award compass.
You get a silver compass for winning the lite challenge and a gold for winning the full challenge.
You cannot enter the lite challenge if you have ever won a full challenge or if you have won the lite challenge 3 times.

There is an annual ceremony to award the most prestigeous prize for best maps of the year in different categories. To enter that one, you must have started a thread and put your map in the finished forum during the specified year. Your finished map must then be nominated by a member during the annual hustings phase and then all nominated maps are voted on.

There are other miscellanous awards such as for great tutorials, outstanding contributions to the guild, taking part in an anniversary community map or similar which are awarded ad-hoc by the moderators and administrators.

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