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    Published on 03-28-2017 04:50 PM
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    Continuing our series of interviews with cartographers... but this month we're doing something a little different!

    Recently, the Guild staged the first ever
    Atlas Awards, and we thought it'd be interesting to learn a little more about our winning maps and their creators. We contacted each cartographer to ask three questions...
    1) Was your winning map a commission, and if so, can you say a little about the project? Or, if it was a personal work, what was the inspiration or idea behind it?

    2) Can you tell us a little about how you came to develop it? Is there any aspect of the map that you're particularly pleased with? How about a not-so-favourite part?

    3) How does it feel to win an Atlas Award?

    Their answers are given below.


    Atlas Award winner:
    Th'Mhenic, joint winner of Best City, Town, or Dungeon Map

    Atlas Award nominations:
    Kyuden Gotei City, nominated for Best Media-Ready map
    La Vallee des Lucioles - Legend of the Five Rings, nominated for Best Hand-Drawn or Traditional Map
    Map of Otosan Uchi for Legend of Five Rings, nominated for Best City, Town, ...