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Thread: Use of Lightbox?

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    Default Use of Lightbox?

    We were having a debate in the CL forum on the use of lightbox to display the images when you click on the thumbnails.

    Currently, the javascript lightbox will darken the BG and open a window that fits on the screen of the image.

    Alternately, it could just open in a new window (I think).

    What si the community opinion?

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    I actually always scoot right past the lightbox onto the full image. At least with the latest IE, it seems to take forever to view images in the lightbox.
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    I prefer to see the image on a new tab, no Java for me. This way its easier to see the whole picture and to zoom in for details.
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    I'm not a fan of it, personally, and usually open in a new tab to begin with. Maybe if it had controls for zooming and such it'd be better...but usually I want to be able to open a map at full-res and pan around to see the details.

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    I use lightbox on my own site, but I've been thinking about getting rid of there too. It makes for a nice, professional look and once in a lightbox you can scroll through all the images on the page. But like everyone else here, I usually just open the image in a new tab so I can see the details. Plus, I suspect some readers don't realize they can get a better resolution by opening in a new tab, so when they see a large image in a lightbox they just think it's a poor resolution and move on. - free fantasy maps for commercial or personal use ~ Campaign Cartographer 3 Review

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    I always right click and open an image in a new window. If I do happen to left-click by mistake I always click on it again straight away so it goes past that doofer. Not that it doesn't look good, I'm just used to using new windows so I don't accidentally close the wrong thing.
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    Yeah, agreed with others when I click a thumbnail and the lightbox is loading I click the light box to see the full image. To me the thumbnail is good to judge whether I want closer view and if I do, I want the full scale, not something in between.

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    I let it load but if it hesitates I just click it again for the full view - unless I was already hesitant to look at it, in which case I blow it off and move on to something else.
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    This seems to be mirroring the thoughts with the CL's. I don't like it personally and would rather go back to just new tab with image in it.

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    I'm with ramah on this one, I always rightclick/open in new tab.

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