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Thread: Dreamlands collaborations

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    Default Dreamlands collaborations

    While I would be reluctant to abandon my current Dreamlands work ( I am subjecting myself with self-scrutiny why I would subject myself to this particularly endless project. My any rational standard it is a little absurd. So I have opted to focus on the central Kingdom area and completely shelf the other map sections for the very distant future.

    I am asking myself - what could I be able to do with this? Publish it? The way publishing goes these days it costs more money than you tend to get out of it. Anyone has any suggestions? If not it will be just a slow process for my own creative urges. How could I change this particular project in to something where the absolute maximum number of people would enjoy the fruits of my labour? (And if possible I would get some other tangible benefit out of it..?)

    I was thinking - sell it as quality glossy posters maybe? Printed on-demand so I don't have to put money down on the actual printing costs...

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    The link is now dead. Do you have a link for it that is currently working?

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    Default Dead link

    I am interested in seeing this. Please fix link

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    I can't speak for the OP, obviously, but given this thread was started 10 years ago, I wouldn't be very surprised if the project was dead and buried at this point.
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    I am pretty sure this is the ArtStation page of Khannea
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