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Thread: The City of Haerlech by J.Edward

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    Praise The City of Haerlech by J.Edward


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The City of Haerlech by Sirinkman [reduced].jpg 
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    Created in: Photoshop

    This award is long overdue. J.Edward is among the very finest artists here at the Guild. His work has consistently raised the bar for excellence in map creation. Earlier this year J.Edward finished work on project that was a whole year in the making. While it is the case that much of his work is award-worthy, The City of Haerlech stands out even among his own body of work, as distinctively impressive. This city map is strikingly rich and vibrant, with its rolling green hills, its sapphire marina and gilded heraldry. Panning in over the city and its surroundings affords the viewer an opportunity to appreciate just how much work went into this piece. The sheer number and variety of buildings alone is impressive, but where I feel the map shines most is in the harbor and the fields surrounding the city. Lush forests and groves abut ambling roads and lanes. A myriad colorful fields adorn quaint villages and hamlets. Dozens of ships bearing colorful sales rest in Haerloch's docks. The whole city is at once idyllic and familiar. I have spent hours admiring this piece. That I continue to find something new each time I do so is a testament to the amount of loving detail that has gone into this map. J. our hats are off to you, this is indeed a truly remarkable achievement!

    Quote Originally Posted by J.Edward
    Who would have thought that a simple monthly challenge would lead me to spend a year or more working on a map.
    In early 2015, I joined the February Regular challenge to map an evolving map.
    I had started something like 3 or 4 city maps trying to decide what to do.
    Ironically Sagemound was one of those sketches.
    I chose one and started the challenge with 3 days left. Needles to say I didn't finish by the challenges end.
    But I decided to keep it going with a WIP thread. That thread is now over a year old.
    I have to thank the Guild and many of you on here for giving me some great advice, critiques and encouragement while working on this.
    I really do appreciate it. I think it lead to this being a better map.
    I can really only upload a 50% version as the original was made large to be printed as a poster.
    Original threads
    Click here to view the Finished Map thread and larger version.
    Click here to view the WIP thread.
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    Yay! Congrats, J. If ever a map deserved the CC Award, this is it. Well done.
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    Congrats! This map very much deserves it. It's an incredible piece of work. Good job J.

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    Well deserved.

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    Congrats and very well deserved, you continue to push the envelop.

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    LOL! I am just so glad I never saw this before I started my own city. I would have given up before I started!


    Congratulations J.Edward

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    Congrats! I've been wondering for a long time why that map wasn't in this award section. This award is very well deserved J.Edward!

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    So incredible and inspiring! A true titan's work with the details of fairycraft . Congratulations J. Edward!

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    Congrats! Very well deserved!

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    Only waited for it to happen... Congrats John, very well deserved!
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