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    Default Chupacabra Cave

    I'm running some players through Souls for Smuggler's Shiv, the first book of the Serpent's Skull adventure path. They're about to fight one of the more dangerous creature on the island -- a mutant flying chupacabra that lives in a cave on the side of a volcano. The adventure doesn't provide a map for the location, so here we go. Here it is with and without grid.



    Made in photoshop with a bunch of textures from The plants came with one of Gabriel Pickard's jungle map packs -- which are awesome, you should check them out. The other bits of decoration -- meat, skull, crystal, coins -- came from the dundjinni forums of yore.

    Map is 20x30 squares; scale is 100px to the square.

    The idea was that the entry is a spot that broke into an old lava tube on the side of the mountain. Now that I look at it in thumbnail form, it bears an unfortunate resemblance to male genitalia. Which is not what I was going for at all, dammit. -.-;
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