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Thread: Wanted: Cartographer for Game UI

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    Default Wanted: Cartographer for Game UI

    My team is making a mixed app+tabletop game, and we need a User Interface artist. For this game, making the UI look like map would work really well, so I'm looking for an artist with cartography experience for the job.

    This is a part-time freelance job. If you have full-time available for a month or two at the start, that's ideal, while we catch the UI up to where the code and the rest of the art is.

    About the Game
    • It's a tabletop skirmish game, similar to Frostgrave, Necromunda, etc.
    • The players play the game with physical figurines on a real-world table, and the app handles everything else: dice, cards, rulebooks, etc.
    • The setting is early-renaissance, low-fantasy. Magic is rare and dangerous; monsters likewise.

    Our ideal artist
    • You're skilled in digital painting tools, e.g. Photoshop, and are comfortable doing your work from scratch.
    • Realistic-for-15th century is a style you'd be happy to do. i.e. Late Medieval/Early Renaissance era maps.
    • You're up for some revisions as we say things like, "Cool, but can you make this part tile-able?"
    • Your part would be making the art for the app interfaces: Buttons, window-frames, backgrounds, menus, etc, that have a consistent style, and that style is "like a map".

    Sound interesting? You have availability? I want to see your work. Link me, please!

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    I'd love to chat a bit more about this project! I will have to say right away, that my commission calendar is pretty overbooked at least until mid June, but I do think I'd be a great fit for the job - I'm a very experienced cartographer, and in addition to that I also do graphic design work, so I think my skillset would serve the project well.

    You can see some samples of my previous work on my portfolio site here, and I also have a dedicated website just for my maps, which can be found here. Or you can follow the links below to my social media channels, if you prefer. Both sites have my email, and the map site also has a contact form, if you're interested in getting in touch.

    I'd love to hear from your team!
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    Hello Baudot,

    I've got several years' experience in drawing maps, particularly in period-specific styles, and my portfolio is here. In addition, I've worked in game UI and I have a great deal of experience in calligraphy for highly individual buttons and menu text. If my style suits, I can be reached at

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    I could be interested in the project. Here you have some samples of my latest works::

    Let me know if you are interested in my services. You can reach me at: info -at- versakestudio -dot- com


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