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Thread: Greetings from Alberta

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    Post Greetings from Alberta


    I am the Mapbertan, a cartographer from Southern Alberta, Canada (South of Calgary).
    Until recently I posted my work on Reddit but have decided to leave social media.

    Have been drawing maps by hand for about 30 years. My typical style is city maps in a contemporary format not unlike a Rand McNally or Michelin atlas: but I have dabbled in historic, fantasy or sci-fi towns as well as some regional maps inspired by many places on earth.

    There are cities in my head that I must express, sometimes towns, sometimes metropolises spilling onto multiple sheets. I will post a few examples of my works seperately. Would love to find others that draw cities, and even possibly collaborate on a future city/worldbuilding project.

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    Welcome to the guild!

    We had a few community projects in the past, including a city project. But there hasn't been one in a while. I think it comes in cycles as the community turns over and different people become active.

    PS Good call on social media.

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    I grew up in Alberta, but north. Welcome, this is the best place to be for map-making that isn't Reddit, though I hear it's hopping over there. I'm also on Reddit but I like here better.

    Click my banner, behold my art! Fantasy maps for Dungeons and Dragons, RPGS, novels.
    No obligation, free quotes. I also make custom PC / NPC / monster tokens.
    Contact me: or Tiana#8437 (Discord) to discuss a map!

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