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Thread: I need a droll little map of a droll little town

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    Question I need a droll little map of a droll little town

    I would like to commission a simple color map for a D&D game i run.

    I can provide some information and some sketches.

    How much do people charge? Is that even a good question? I know nothing yet.

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    Hi Scott, I've moved this thread to mapmaking requests as this is a more appropriate place for it.

    I do also offer commissions myself and could do this one for you if you like, you can look at my past work through the links to my work in my signature. I do currently have a few commissions I'm already working on though so I probably wouldn't be able to start work for at least 2 months. There are others here who can do the commission if you are hoping for a shorter timeline or after a different style than what I offer. I'm sure they will comment below.

    Price is a tricky question to answer with the little information you've given so far, for a non-commercial map from me you could be looking at anything from $100 (USD) to more than $600 (USD) depending on the size and complexity required. Send me an email with some more details and any sketches you've done to and I'd be happy to give you a more precise quote.
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    Hey Scott, I'd also like to throw my hat into the ring for this job. You can find examples of my work at, and if you feel my style would work for you, you can send me an email at or through the contact form on my site.

    Hope to hear from you,


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    Hey Scott, I' interested in your project.

    You can find my work at:



    My maps are fully hand drawn and scanned in 600 DPI. If you're interested hit me up via any of those pages or at



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    Hey, I would like to help you with your map. I can't provide an accurate timeline and price without more details but please take a look at my portfolio and if you are happy with what you see please message me I can ask some questions about the map and give you some information about my work process.

    You can take a look at my portfolio from

    And you can contact me via

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    Skunk Cartographer here! Feel free to contact me on
    You can check my style on instagram page
    If you tell me details of your map, i will give you a quote

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