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Thread: Sahu - Homeland of Necromancer Kings by hyn_works

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    Map Sahu - Homeland of Necromancer Kings by hyn_works

    I'm happy to show you a re-imagining of Sahu. I drew this map for a d&d campaign. The map is found by one of the characters inside an old book. Sahu is a large island in the CrowdedSea to the southwest of Afyal. Sahu is an ancient place, the home of two destroyed civilizations: the New Dynasty of the #Necromancer Kings and the Old Empire of Thasmudyan that preceded them. It is an island of ruined cities, magical pools, and cursed lakes. Its forgotten palaces are littered with the treasures of bygone epochs and scattered with the bones of foolhardy explorers.
    I drew the base by hand on procreate and then i painted with watercolor brushes.
    It's not a faithful reproduction of the original, I modified something.
    I hope that you like it, tips are welcome!

    Thank you,

    hyn_works - The Skunk Cartographer
    Instagram page:


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    I like the layout and the story possibilities that come with the fun details added to the island.

    Well done!

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