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Thread: Dark skin for forum?

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    Default Dark skin for forum?

    Would it be possible to add a "Dark" skin option for the forum?

    I normally browse the Web in a relatively dark room. "Dark mode" configures my computer (running Windows 10) so that most applications open windows with a black background and white letters. This is much easier on the eyes than a glaring white background with black letters.

    Many Web sites and forums recognize that my computer and browser (Firefox) have dark mode enabled and automatically show an appropriately dark background with light lettering. Unfortunately, the forum does not, nor does it provide an equivalent static "Dark" skin.

    As a workaround, I'm using the Firefox browser plugin "Dark Reader" to force the Forum to be drawn with a black background and yellow lettering. While this is an acceptable (to me) compromise, it'd be really nice if it weren't necessary.

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    I have checked and had a go but ultimately failed to make a dark skin for the forum. It looks like it should be easy but every time I try I get the default style which is white background and dark letters. For some reason the style manager just doesn't want to play ball.

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    Thanks for the prompt response. I'm very sorry that the forum software is so uncooperative.

    Nonetheless, the site itself is very useful. Thanks for providing it!

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