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    Default About this topic.

    This forum should contain posts from professional artists / publishers / software reps to showcase their artwork or map making related content or goods.

    Can professional members post one thread of posts per person and display a selection of your work and style so that people can message you about commissions or where to get your products. If you are not a pro and needing help about a product or artwork then please post on other forums.

    If you are taking on or currently declining commissions then please say so near to the top of your thread.

    As a member, if you need to obtain the Professional Artist, Publisher or Software Rep title then make a request on your profile under groups. There should be a Join Permission Groups link. Note that generally we don't give them out to people who have posted less than about 50 posts as this forum topic is for people who take an active role in the guild and can be expected to reply reasonably promptly to map making requests posted to them. Or, if you cant locate that link then just use the PM option and ask me or any of the active admins and we can set you up.
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