My name is William Minish and I’m a fantasy cartographer based in New Zealand. I create maps the old-fashioned way; on paper with pencil, ink, and watercolours.

I take commissions for both commercial and non-commercial pieces. My speciality is in isometric and top-down city maps but I'm happy to take on any mapping project and I'm also happy to do asset packs and individual asset commissions. The commissions page on my website is the place to visit if you're interested in commissioning me for a project; there you can see past customer testimonials as well as more information about my commissions process and a contact form to get in touch about your commission. Take a look at my gallery to see my past work, I'll also post some of my favorite commission pieces below.

As well as commission work, I also sell maps and mapping assets through my Drivethrurpg store. These products are great for DMs looking to make their own maps or grab some nice pre-made maps to build a campaign around. Take a look at this thread or my asset packs page to see my isometric assets.