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Thread: Dungeons - traditional art - looking for source of info, tutorials

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    Hi, itll be my first attemp, so would like to do some preparation, already supplied with various fine liners, mechanical pencil and eraser, now would need some book or books for inspiration as I do not own any on this and Im fairly new, any kind of help is appreciated or link for a tutorials on youtube, channels itself or worth to check instagram accounts, I subscribed to lots and later had a mess in it because most was a digital content. I own only Samsung tablet at the very moment and have no clue, if in future I could or should rather get a notebook, iPad or maybe Wacom tablet for creations, as mentioned I love lots of forms of traditional art and do love to have stuff physically on the wall, shelf, I was a book collector for many years. Thanks for informations on a matter in advance.

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    Hi JimboXL, man, I am still a very begginer but I heard 2 tips, first get a squared paper, it helps a lot. Second, explore with different hatches/hatching for different textures. Be yourself!

    For a youtube channel I really like MapCrow ( ). It gets me inspired.

    Hope it helps,

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