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    Hello everyone! I'm Gwen, I'm new here. I love making maps even though I'm not really good at it. I just love creating maps for the stories I write, I'm more interested in all the placement world building, like why is this city here and not somewhere else. So when it comes to make them esthetically pleasing, i'm not that great haha, so all my maps look like googlemap, but as long as they are clear to me, it's fine.
    Just some quick info about me, I'm french (btw sorry if I do a lot of typos, english is not my native language). I'm a 3D animator, I'm still learning but I plan to make it my job.

    Happy to be here among map creators!!

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    Hi Gwen, welcome to the guild.
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    I like the way you think. It is something that fascinates me as well, to create these spaces that pulls you in for adventure.

    Just FYI I started out here as hardly able to draw anything let alone a map. Just keep challenging yourself and trust me it will become easier.

    Welcome to the mapping family!

    P.S. Posting becomes much easier after the 5th message.

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