Hi Everyone

This is a little map I put together to showcase my assets and also to hopefully give myself some new ideas for future packs. There were certainly a few assets I found myself wanting that I didn't already have available. I made the map in Gimp and used assets from about half a dozen of my asset packs (I'll list all the packs below) as well as some path and cobblestone assets that I'll be releasing at the end of this month. I was surprised how well some of the older assets held up next to some of my more recent ones so that was nice to see.

I hope you enjoy the map and please let me know what you think below.

Packs used:
Isometric Assets No. 2, Trees and farming
Isometric Assets No. 11, Half-timber Buildings
Isometric Assets No. 12, American Colonial Buildings
Isometric Assets No. 13, More half-timber Buildings
Isometric Assets No. 14, Wilderness assets
Isometric Assets No. 23, European Landscape Megapack
Isometric Assets No. 24, Roads, Paths, and Waterways

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