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Thread: Known issues list.

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    Post Known issues list.

    This is a temporary forum to discuss the changes to the forum since the upgrade. I know they're quite significant.

    I'm going to create a list of things I'm working on and known bugs, and check them off occasionally as they're done/fixed.

    Theme Conversion
    • Thread Icons
    • Award System
    • Donation System
    • Require Post Icon
    • Display Rep as Number
    • Misc Graphics (ongoing)

    • Threads below have not been updated since your last visit
    • Double Clicking
    • My Maps linking
    • Evaluate Reputation in new system
    • Text Editor (New Post/Reply/Quick Reply) font size and color (not a stylevar)
    • Rep and Report buttons not showing for everyone
    • Check "go to new post" capability
    • Rep give popup in Opera
    • Mark Forums Read AJAX broken for forums with sub-forums.
    • Attachment Manager Unreadable
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